Most dog owners would probably agree that the only thing their dog loves better than a walk is the chance to run unfettered and free. Thus the concept of the dog park was created.

Great Parks of Hamilton County operates a dog park at Armleder Park in eastern Hamilton County that opened in 2007 and it quickly proved to be immensely popular.

The Great Parks Foundation and Great Parks of Hamilton County are working together to fulfill the need for a large off-leash dog park in western Hamilton County. Currently there is only one small dog park in that area.  Based on estimates from the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are 83,000 dogs within a 10-mile radius of the proposed new dog park.

When completed, the Simmonds Family Dog Park at Miami Whitewater Forest will be the largest dog park in the Greater Cincinnati area at 11.2 acres. Construction of the facility started in fall 2012, and is on schedule to open in spring 2014.

The Simmonds Family Dog Park will be the only public off-leash area to offer this level of amenities:

  • Agility equipment in both the large dog and small dog fenced areas
  • Shade trees and shade structures to provide needed break for canines and their owners
  • Twenty benches strategically located throughout the dog park
  • An all season gravel area that can stay open when the turf areas are too wet due to flooding or heavy rains
  • The SPCA Cincinnati is planning to construct an education and animal care facility next to the dog park

Donate now to the Great Parks Foundation to support the Simmonds Family Dog Park.

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